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"The level of knowledge and wisdom that Anurad Coaches provide is profoundly unique and not available in the business landscape."

CEO, Boston

Anurad (Ah-new-rod * Star of Success) is a global leader in coaching assessment offering:
  • Reliable, in-depth personal assessments.
  • A unique coaching model.
  • Effective techniques for relieving stress.

We have assisted thousands of clients for over 15 years.

Anurad assessments quickly identify the core issues for each coaching client and point to tangible action steps.

Like all good coaches, Anurad professionals help you to ask the right questions and to use common sense. But Anurad assessments do much more: they provide a map that precisely guides strategic planning and action.

Life Skills Coaching

Are you ready for something new in your life?
Are you interested in pinpointing what’s next?

Anurad Coaching can mobilize assessment capabilities to give you a reliable map and effective strategies.


Coaching for Comprehensive Leadership

Do you want to fully grasp opportunities in your profession or business?

Are you working to build goals-based alignment within your team or company?

Anurad Coaching’s assessments, distinctive coaching model and strategic advice can improve your planning and implementation. We offer a precise and unique understanding of your specific needs that are not available elsewhere in the marketplace. Read more

Coaching the Coach

Are you a coach or coaching company that will benefit from improved client assessment?

Anurad can deliver something special for those already coaching others. The key is our powerful, precise, proprietary assessment. With this added to your offerings, you’ll be even more successful with your clients. Read more

Case stories

Anurad coaches are seasoned, experienced, and grounded in business. Anurad clients range from corporate CEOs to presidential candidates. Read more