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"Anurad provides what all of us would love to get from an ideal best friend: an intimate understanding of what makes us tick, and wholehearted commitment to our growth. Their vision is intuitively compelling, like a force of nature. It is as if you had a wise friend who knew what lay ahead and wanted to steer you in the best direction possible."

Chief Information Officer, New England

why anurad

Anurad Coaching offers breakthrough capabilities to coaches and to their clients:

  • Analysis that identifies practical means to overcome obstacles and create more balance in life. See Science of Coaching

  • Scientific, diagnostic mapping that articulates needs and issues for each area of life in relationship to all the others. See Assessment

  • Practical stress management techniques for achieving balance in life and work. See Spirit of Coaching

Anurad Coaching promotes:

  • Increased learning capability and shortened learning curves
  • Increased alignment between leadership and managers
  • Increased retention of talent
  • Improved training effectiveness
  • Strengthened strategic capability and performance

The Science of Coaching: The Anurad Model

Anurad Coaching has distilled 15 years of research and coaching experience with over 5,000 clients into a unique, accurate, effective coaching model. At its core the model uses insights into the mechanisms of success and achievement.

The model takes into account the seven layers of successful activity:

  1. Consciousness, awareness, mindfulness.
  2. Clear Decision-making.
  3. Balanced emotions.
  4. Coordination of mind and body.
  5. Dynamic Behavior: strategy, planning, and execution.
  6. Smooth Interpersonal relationships.
  7. Attentive follow-through or closure.

Anurad coaching expertise lies in locating the greatest needs, the sequence for addressing them, and an integrated approach to all seven areas.

Assessment Technology

The Anurad Assessment is a detailed, precise toolkit that creates an in-depth picture of the past, present needs, and likely paths for success in future endeavors. This assessment technology distinguishes Anurad as a leader in the diagnostic component of coaching.

The composite set of patterns discerned with the assessment tools create a holograph-like, custom-made model of the dynamic functioning of one's life. This gives a picture of positives, negatives, and probable directions, giving a context for choices. With additional vision of the full implications of choices, one can improve performance and succeed.

Anurad gives insight into blind spots, giving significant advantage to busy executives and professionals. The result: you are able to expedite decision-making, anticipate changing situations without requiring as much information and avoid mistakes.

The Spirit of Coaching

Anurad Coaches have observed that:

  • The consciousness or inner awareness of the person being coached is the basis of his or her success.
  • Enriching the root of one's creative capacity and self-confidence will improve performance and success.
  • The more responsibilities an executive has, the more he or she needs to strengthen mind, body, and spirit.
  • Anurad employs stress management and other holistic-health technologies to support the coaching process as necessary.

Anurad Founders

Carla Brown, Ed.D. Harvard University, is an expert in organizational behavior, adult development and research utilization. Dr. Brown is a trainer who uses competency models for optimizing performance in the workplace. Her skill as a coach includes stress management and development of maximum human potential.

Allen Reminick, M.A. in Mathematics in Advanced Analysis and Group Theory, Belfer Institute of Science, New York, New York is an expert in decision modeling tools and is a strategic advisor to organizational leaders. The models he has formulated for evaluating organizational strategies have been key in his training, lecturing and advising of corporate executives internationally.