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"Your strategic coaching and tenacity helped save my company."

International Telecommunications CEO


Coaching Taken to the Next Level

  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Comprehensive Leadership Coaching
  • Coaching for the Coach

Life Skills Coaching

  • Clarify vision and set goals
  • Master transitions and handle change
  • Balance work and life
  • Enhance communication
  • Improve relationships
Application Examples
  • Creating mutually satisfying partnerships
  • Managing career development
  • Decision making

Coaching for Comprehensive Leadership

Leadership requires vision, commitment, flexibility, and razor-sharp alertness. Anurad Coaching helps you to develop these qualities. Our strategic advice helps you to map your capabilities to the needs of the environment. Anurad's coaching supports your ability to:

  • Create and effectively implement strategic plans
  • Effectively handle change
  • Improve customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Motivate and inspire commitment and teamwork
  • Master advanced communication skills
  • Improve trust within the organization
  • Increase team effectiveness through collaborative approaches
  • Creatively resolve conflict
Application Examples
  • Business results
  • Professional advancement
  • Obtaining more support for an agenda
  • Organizational change

    Coaching for the Coach

    Anurad offers your coaching company a unique assessment capability. No one else has this. The Anurad Assessment has been developed and tested for over 15 years. See Why Anurad for a description of our unique model.